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This is the product roadmap for software and hardware from Hermit Retro Products.
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Coming soon on the firmware front for the Hermit Retro Products ZXZero.

* Wired XBox Controller support
* USB drive support (e.g., flash drives and external hard drives)
* ZXDB Integration for easy download of games
* ULAPlus support

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The ZXUSB is a new board for ZX Spectrum and ZX Spectrum Plus cases that turns the case into a full wired USB keyboard. The ZXUSB is designed for retro-lovers that want a unique keyboard for an existing desktop such as a PC or Mac.

The ZXUSB also acts as a USB hub and provides three extra USB ports.

The ZXUSB is expected to be released in May 2021.

The ZX49152 is a new board for ZX Spectrum and ZX Spectrum Plus cases. It is a full "computer in a case" and is similar to the ZXZero but offers the following benefits:

* Powered by a Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4, it sports up to 1.25GHz CPU, 8Gb RAM, Wireless, Ethernet and Bluetooth
* Dual-HDMI output
* Can act as a USB hub and provides two onboard USB ports
* Designed to run as a workstation with dual-boot between RaspbiOS and Fuse
* Supports Zesarux as well as Fuse ZX Spectrum emulation

The ZX49152 is expected to be released around August 2021.

The MD49152 is the same hardware as the ZX49152 but crammed into a ZX Microdrive case for a tiny form factor! The MD49152 will also sport removable microdrive cartridges as USB flash disks!

You can couple the MD49152 with the ZXUSB for a complete modern retro experience!

The MD49152 is expected to be released around September 2021.

Not content with just putting out quality hardware products, we're also planning a few games. These will be released for 48K, 128K and Next platforms as time allow.

The uZero Handheld is a handheld device powered by a Raspberry Pi Zero W and supports Fuse. This project is mostly complete but pretty much abandoned. It will be released completely for free in the first half of 2021.

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