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We are pleased to be able to offer our products exclusively via ZX Renew who can also supply cases!

ZXZero Bare Boards

The ZXZero in its bare form! This item consists of 4 PCBs: 1) The main board; 2) The HDMI/joystick backplane board; 3) The USB riser board; 4) The Raspberry PI Zero USB stem.

This option does not include any components or cables.

ZXZero Board Kit

The ZXZero Kit contains everything in the ZXZero Bare Boards option plus a complete set of components needed to build the board yourself including a Raspberry Pi Zero WH. All components are through-hole except one MicroSD card holder and a capacitor.

A MicroSD card pre-flashed with firmware and a second blank MicroSD card is included. You will need to supply a steady hand, a soldering iron, solder, any refreshments and a power supply and case.

ZXZero Board Assembled 

The ZXZero Board Assembled version is just that. A fully assembled ZXZero Board including fitted Raspberry Pi Zero WH ready to just drop straight into an original or reproduction case. A power supply, MicroSD card pre-flashed with firmware and blank MicroSD card for programs is also included. You just need to supply a case, monitor and HDMI cable.

uSpectrum Boards

uSpectrum Board
uSpectrum Board Kit

The uSpectrum Board Kit contains the PCB plus a complete set of components needed to build the board yourself. Most components are through-hole but there are some fiddly SMT components that require careful soldering.


uSpectrum Handheld Assembled
uSpectrum Board Assembled

The uSpectrum Board Assembled is a fully-assembled PCB.


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