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uSpectrum Handheld

A Raspberry Pi Zero W-powered
ZX Spectrum handheld

Modern and authentic retro computing

uSpectrum Handheld

The uSpectrum Handheld is an Open Source project to build a ZX Spectrum handheld device. The uSpectrum Handheld is designed from fairly simple circuits and readily available breakout boards for maximum modification. A custom Fuse build, prototype case designs and a buildroot "fast boot" configuration are all available


Easy to Use

Our board sports HDMI and USB support in addition to a second MicroSD card for holding all your educational programs

Instant Boot to Fuse

Our onboard firmware runs a custom Linux kernel that boots to the highly-regarded Fuse emulator in seconds.

Open Source

The uSpectrum is Open Source. Our changes to Fuse, buildroot fast-boot configuration and schematics are available on Github


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