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Hermit Retro Products

Hermit Retro Products

Modern and authentic retro computing

Hermit Retro ZXZero board and booting



The Hermit Retro ZXZero is a Raspberry Pi Zero W-powered custom board designed to fit into original ZX Spectrum and ZX Spectrum+ cases!

Powered by a super-fast booting Linux and the highly-regarded Fuse emulator, the ZXZero in a ZX Spectrum case is an authentic retro experience.

We produce bare boards, kits and finished boards for this product and the schematics and source code are available on our Github!


The Hermit Retro ZXController is a wired handheld gaming controller providing a thumb joystick and two fire buttons.

The Hermit Retro ZXController is styled after the original ZX Spectrum with rainbow LEDs! The controller has a standard Atari pinout plug suitable for use on modern emulator boards such as the ZXZero and Kempston joystick interfaces on original Sinclair hardware.

We produce finished controllers and the schematics and source code are available on our Github!


ZXDBFS is an Open Source project that provides Linux filesystem access to ZXDB, an open database containing historical information of software, hardware, magazines and books about ZX-Spectrum and related machines.

ZXDBFS provides seamless file-based access to snapshots and other resources indexed by ZXDB. It can add powerful functionality to any application running in a Linux environment.

ZXDBFS is fully integrated into the Hermit Retro ZXZero firmware giving easy searchable access to games.

The full source code for ZXDBFS is available on our Github!

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